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Halcyon Legend Wing - Superhero of the underwater world!

Diving is a wonderful sport that takes us to another world. But for some of us, simply diving in isn't enough – we want to go deeper and explore more!


Halcyon Dive Store Dive Team
Halcyon Dive Store Dive Team

This is exactly what the Halcyon Legend Wing was developed for - a true superhero among diving equipment.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Halcyon Legende wing allows you to glide through the water like never before. Thanks to its shape, it ensures optimal air distribution and maximum stability during diving. You will feel almost as free as a bird in the air!

Another benefit of this great piece of equipment is its versatility. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, with Halcyon Legend Wing, everyone can overcome their limits and reach new depths. And the best part? It looks great too!

Side openings allow the first stage supply hoses of your regulator to be placed directly in the front. This means that the high pressure hose of the manometer no longer needs to be placed around the wing bladder. Higher!

But be careful: once you experience this unrivaled comfort, you'll never want to dive again without your legendary Halcyon suite! So be careful - this innovation may be addictive.

So get the "Super Plane" And immerse yourself in an underwater diving adventure with the Halcyon Legend Wing - the ultimate experience waiting to be discovered by you! Super Wing

Gives you wings: Enjoy diving adventures like never before!


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